Ciao!  Manhattan Soundtrack

Ciao! Manhattan Soundtrack

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Colored Vinyl 

A1 –Gino Piserchio Angel Shock
A2 –John Phillips Malibu People
A3 –Edie Sedgwick "Bad Karma..."
A4 –Skip Battin & Kim Fowley CItizen Kane
A5 –Richie Havens To Give All Your Love Away
A6 –Gino Piserchio Driving Verdecchio
A7 –Edie Sedgwick "Turn The Whole World On Just For A Moment..."
A8 –Gino Piserchio Night Riders
B1 –Edie Sedgwick "Open The Door!"
B2 –Richie Havens I Can't Make It Anymore
B3 –Edie Sedgwick "Wake Up!"
B4 –Kim Milford Justice
B5 –Gino Piserchio Revolution Of The Youth
B6 –Edie Sedgwick "Anyway I'm A Star!"
B7 –Gino Piserchio Doctor Feelgood
B8 –Edie Sedgwick "Meth Burns Your Brain Cells Out..."
B9 –Richie Havens Shouldn't All The World Be Dancing?